Project Proposal

A brief explanation of the area you’re interested in working with (practitioners, theorists, issues)

I am interested in the idea of visual art and sound. Examples of work in this area include Robert Henke’s “Lumiere” with his use of lasers and sound and how they correlate to each other, for example low sound small circles high sound big circles, and “Blinkenlights” which was

“light installation in Berlin by Project Blinkenlights of the Chaos Computer Club in 2001”


A description of the project

I will have a pre-recorded music loop, an original composition which will be manipulated using live video, using colours from a small selection (2×2) of pixels which analyse the average colour in that selection. The video would be a combination of live video, feed from the webcam and prerecorded material. The interactivity comes when you can move the selection of pixels with an Xbox controller.


My original aim of this project was to create a laser harp such as the one the Jean Michel Jarre plays. On researching in to this project I came to realize that the laser would require midi to determine which beam was being covered and which note[s] to play. Unfortunately, at this stage this sort of laser is out of my price range and due to the time limitations I would have been pushing it very close to the deadline. If I could focus full time on this them I think it would be very doable and a successful project.

The aim of this project is to introduce to non musical people the different ways in which sounds can be manipulated using 2×2 pixels and analyzing the average colour. Depending on the colour this will effect the sound that is produced.


For this project I will use MAX/MSP, a visual programming tool. To create a patch which will allow a live video to manipulate an original pre-recorded loop. For ease and convenience, I will use the built in webcam on my computer, or advise that the patch is used on a computer with a built in webcam. The patch will be best built in two parts, firstly building the patch to allow live video from the webcam and secondly building the manipulation tool. I will also have to write and record a pre made loop which will on be 30-45seconds.

Any issues you may have to deal with

There are two main issues that I can foresee on this project. 1) Building the patch on my computer and then transferring it to a second and parts of the patch getting lost in the transfer or not acting as they should, but this is something that I would test out on a few computers before final submission. 2) Not knowing which MAX object to use and once I have worked this out making sure I connect them correctly. Although I feel that the objects that I would need I have been shown and it’s just a case of getting familiar with them. 



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YouTube, (2015). Robert Henke’s Lumiere Video Excerpt II 2014-05-10. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Nov. 2015].

 YouTube, (2015). Laserharp II Jean Michel Jarre. [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Nov. 2015].


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